Zhenan Fan (范喆楠)


I am a Senior Research Scientist at Huawei Vancouver Research Center, where I’m actively involved in developing Huawei’s optimization solver, OptVerse(天筹求解器). Prior to this, I completed my PhD at The University of British Columbia under the supervision of Prof. Michael P. Friedlander, focusing on large-scale structured optimization problems in machine learning, data mining and signal processing.

Currently, my role at Huawei extends to contributing to the development of Huawei’s cutting-edge large language model, Pangu(盘古大模型). Concurrently, I am exploring innovative ways to utilize this large language model in operational research processes. A key aspect of my work is studying the integration of OptVerse with Pangu, an initiative that offers a unique intersection of machine learning and operations research, promising new possibilities in the field.


PhD, University of British Columbia, Computer Science (2022)

MS, University of British Columbia, Computer Science (2019)

BSc, University of Toronto, Mathematics (2017)